Wizard Wands


(Check out this page for the original post on the complete Harry Potter kits with all the other good stuff!)

There are tutorials for Wizard Wands all over Pinterest. Start with chopsticks, sand them down (especially if they’ve got a sheen to them) and use your hot glue gun to create designs on them. Then paint away. It’s actually a whole lot of fun.

(chopsticks, + sandpaper + hot glue + paint)  Spell Book Printable.pngAs the glue dries, you can manipulate it a little. For instance, to make an elder wand, I poked the nearly dry hot glue with a dull pencil to get the whole pocked effect. I’ve made six wands total, but these last two pictured above were the most fun. The photo makes them look brighter than they really are. They’re not white, promise.

Don’t forget to check out the original Harry Potter Kit post here.


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