Treasure Chest


Hogwarts HouseNotebooks.png

(To see the complete Harry Potter Wizarding kits I made for my kids, check this post out first.)

The kits start with  Treasure Chests.

Supplies: hinged boxes + wood stain + modge podge + old leather purse + neodymium magnets + 5-minute epoxy and/or superglue.

The hinged boxes listed above are cheap, in both price and quality. When the boxes arrived, I was surprised they didn’t splinter into 42 pieces during shipping. A few inadvertent brushes with the edges will strip the papery outer veneer. They also come in a super pale pine unfinished color. So I pulled out the leftover wood stain from an earlier furniture project, stained them inside and out, then modgepodged the crap outta those things. Like 4 or 5 layers. I’m pretty sure the modgepodge is holding the boxes together more than … the boxes.

If you want something that will last longer than I suspect these boxes will (especially with younger kids), get solid wooden hinged boxes. Just make sure they’re big enough for what you’re putting in them. If you’re going to add the notebooks, or wands, get a box that can work with that length. And is high enough for the other things (sorcerer’s stone, chocolate frogs, etc…)

Once dry, I took apart an old leather purse. The straps of the purse are the leather strips you can see holding the box closed. The ring at the bottom of the strap is heavy metal, which is perfect for the neodymium magnet I epoxied to the chest so the strap will “seal” the chest shut. I then pulled the studs off of the purse and super glued them to the edges of the box. I should have put more studs down the sides, but it was two in the morning and my fingers were pretty much super glued shut.


Pretty fun, right? I love these things! Now go back to the original post of the entire Harry Potter wizard chest kits and read about the super awesome things you can put inside…

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