Book 3 updates


Well hello there, Dear Readers. I’ve come to the conclusion that I write faster when I’m held accountable. So, if for some reason you’ve managed to find this page, you now know how far along I am with my WIP (work in progress): Book 3 of the Candeon Heirs series. You also now know that I’m working on a novella as well. It is from the perspective of another character, about their adolescence. I’ll try to keep this updated at the end of every big writing sesh. 🙂 My average word count for a Saturday of writing is 4k words, though some are much lower, and a few much higher. Whatever you do, don’t put too much stock in the “goal date.” I’ve never met one. Here’s to hoping I can this time around!

Book 3 title: (not finalized)
Final word count goal: 120k
Total word count completed: 9k
Number of words in deleted scenes: 4k
Chapters completed: 1.5
Word count for notes/outlines: 2k
Writing goal date: July 2018
Goal launch date: Nov. 2018

Novella title: (not finalized)
Final word count goal: 40k
Total word count completed:
Chapters completed:
Word count for notes/outlines: handwritten 6 pages of total plot outlined.
Writing goal date: March 2018
Goal launch date: May 2018