Harry Potter Spell Book


Spell Book Printable (1).png
Have a Harry Potter party coming up? Spell Books would make awesome party favors! I made these spell books for the Harry Potter wizard chest kits I put together for my kids, but while I was at it, decided to make the book cover in different colors for a future birthday party.

The inside of the book is from Christie over at Lemon Squeezy Home. She made an awesome printable of Harry Potter Spells! Though I had to manipulate it a little to be able to print it off in booklet form instead of individual 4×6 prints like she did originally. I simply put the jpegs 2 to an image and sized it to fit the covers.

I printed the pages (2 sided, make sure you center on the page) on cream cardstock and cut them the same height, though slightly shorter in width than the cardstock covers. At this point, you can fold all the pieces down the middle and then sew them for binding. Or, you can laminate the cover like I did.

Untitled design.pngIf you do laminate, make sure you fold the cardstock first to create a crease where the book will bind. I actually did two creases right next to each other to have a super thin spine. The book stays closed better this way. With only one crease down the middle (no spine), the laminated book wants to stay wide open. After you’ve got a good crease going, lay the cover flat, and slide into the laminating sheet. Laminate. Fold on the creases you made previously. If you didn’t make creases beforehand, folding the laminate will be much harder, and probably won’t make a straight line.

Then take your laminated (and creased) cover, and the sew in the inner pages down the spine to bind the book together. I used sticky wall mounts between pages to make sure nothing slipped around while sewing.

My kids are now running around the house “Lumos!”-ing and “Wingardium Leviosa!”-ing and “Expecto Patronum!”-ing. And it’s wonderful. Isn’t imagination great?

Click the link below this image for the cover printable. When you print, remember to print just the pages you want (which cover you want + the text), and to CENTER THEM on the page in the print options. That way two-sided printing works out. Spell Book 8 colors.png

Standard Book of Spells Printable, 8 Covers

Don’t forget the original post about the entire Harry Potter Kit!


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