Ministry of Magic Identification


Guys. Of all the parts to the complete Harry Potter Wizard kits I made, this is by far the cutest. And it’s mostly because of my kids’ pictures. Dang, they’re cute. So if you’re going to make one, get an awesome wizardy picture of your kid in there.

1.pngExcuse the censoring. 🙂

There are legit ones online that look exactly like the one in the movie. But these are for kids, so they’re simplified. They’re super easy to put together, too. But if you’re going to laminate, pay attention to the laminating process!

Use cardstock to print; the regular paper ones I tried warped funny after laminating and folding. I used the same cream cardstock I used for the spell books and the Marauder’s maps. After you print yours out on both sides (making sure you center the image on the page so it’s lined up correctly front-to-back), fill in all the information and glue in an awesome ID photo. Have fun with it! For instance, my daughter has much blonder hair than my son. Like, super blonde. So, for her hair color, I put “Veela Blonde.” You could even put “Pixie Blue” for eye color, or “Weasley Red” for hair color. Whatever your creative mind can come up with.


I blindfolded my kids to get their fingerprints on there, (surprise!) but you might not have to do that. I didn’t have a dark ink pad, so I just ran a black marker over their fingerpads and pressed before they dried.

Then, when they’re ready to go, fold them in thirds. If you’re going to laminate, MAKE SURE THAT THE INNER PANEL IS LARGER THAN THE TWO SIDE PANELS. The laminating process creates a thin plastic edge around the paper, which will need to be accounted for when folding up your ID. If the right panel is too long, it won’t lay flat inside the ID.

Press your fold with a credit card/folding bone/ruler/whatever you can find to really sharpen those folds. You want to create a nice rib in the paper.

Unfold them and lay them flat inside your laminating sheet. Insert into the hot laminator. When it slides out the other side, cut it out (not so close to the edges that the laminated seal breaks!). Then, refold the ID along the same folding ribs you made previously. They should fold flawlessly. If you didn’t pre-fold, they’re going to fold pretty haphazardly.

And there you have it! I made mine for my kids digitally, but a blank Ministry ID printable is available here for you to write in information.

Don’t miss the complete kit post over here.

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