Marauder’s Map & Leather Envelope


Hogwarts HouseNotebooks (2).png

I take no credit for the Marauder’s Map printable. That I found on Pinterest and is linked below (instructions for cutting and folding are on that website). Even though I printed the map on heavy cream-colored cardstock, I was giving this map to young children. Which meant another layer of protection might go a long way.

I had leftover faux leather from an earlier project. I also have a gold/bronze permanent marker, shiny gold thread, and a sewing machine. The envelopes themselves were super easy to whip together. Just stitch up three side of your 2-piece envelope. The key is to make sure that one side is slightly longer than the other (of the not-sewn end). You can see what I mean in the picture. This makes it easier for little hands to put the map back into the envelope. I then wrote their names all fancy-like on the back in bronze permanent marker. I debated drawing little footprints walking across the envelope, then decided my practice footprints weren’t all that great.

(Marauder’s map printable)

Pretty cool, huh?

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