Leather Bookmarks


I learned a new skill with these little babies. Never embroidered in my life. Fun fact: if you embroider faux leather, you don’t need an embroidery hoop! Just pencil out your design/text backwards on the backside, pinterest search for embroidery stitches (because this is NOT in-out-in-out-in-out stitching), and go to town.

Spell Book Printable (2).png

When your design is complete, simply sew it onto another piece of leather to hide the backside stitchy mess. You can even sew in some tassels like I did. The two pictured above I made for my kids (I’ve got a proud Gryffindor and an adorable Ravenclaw). Below is my favorite one, however. One I made for my nephew.


I used leftover faux leather that I had from an earlier project. It’s the same leather I used for the Marauder’s Map envelopes. Luckily, between my mother and me, I also already had embroidery thread. Okay, I had blue. My mom had the rest. Yay for free projects!

Don’t forget to check out the complete kit in my Hogwarts wizard chest post! There’s lots more good stuff!


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