Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia


This is such a cool part of the Harry Potter Wizard Kits I made for my kids for Christmas! It took waaay too much time, but it was totally worth it.

(printable + dollar store album)

Harry Potter.png

I made the pages into two different types of files. The png files are what you’d use if you were going to have a local photo lab print off 4×6 photos. I used Walgreens 1 hr. photo with a coupon code. There are lots of sites out there that process the photos and mail them to you, too. I was just in a hurry. The jpeg files are bigger than 4×6 (to add clarity), but their proportions are meant for 4x6s. The pdf files can’t be printed at a photo shop, but are your best bet for printing at home. If you’ve got that much ink and time.

Depending on your local dollar store selection (or lack thereof), the album could be super inexpensive ($1). If you have to buy it on Amazon, it’s gets stupidly pricey. Whatever you get, make sure its a soft cover photo album with removable cover pages for 48 photos. Which is deceptive, because they can actually hold 52 photos (two in each cover plus the 48 on the inside). Or you can go all out and get a nice hard-back photo album. Just make sure it can hold all the photos.

The files actually have an extra back cover (53 total images). This is if you can only find photo albums that hold 24 photos, in which case you’d make two separate books. (one for characters; one for pets, beings, and magical beasts.) The character back cover has a golden snitch on the back, the beasts cover has the phoenix’s wings on the back.

Pretty cool, amirite? My kids go to bed with these at night, looking through all the pictures. Excuse me while I go make myself an award.

Don’t forget to check out the original post of the complete Harry Potter Wizard kits inside of treasure boxes that I made for my two oldest kids for Christmas!

PNGs (Photo lab printing)
(Click on the link below, then click the download arrow in the corner to download them all at once instead of individually)
HP Characters
HP Pets, Beings, Magical Creatures

PDFs (Home printing)
HP Characters
HP Pets, Beings, Magical Creatures


10 thoughts on “Harry Potter Character Encyclopedia

  1. Lita Kehler

    is there any way to get this download, my daughter is having a harry potter themed birthday party this month and this would be amazing to add. please email me


  2. Marloes

    Dear Tara, is it possible to get your raw files (word, photoshop, anything) so I can alter them to a Dutch version? My kids would go crazy about this 🙂


    • Hey there! I actually made them in Canva. So I don’t have “raw” files. Canva is web-based software, and I can only download into jpegs, pngs, or pdfs. So sorry! I think there’s a way to send you a duplicate copy into your own Canva account, if you had a Canva for Business account. Then you could mess around with it and change the typed info into Dutch.


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