Golden Snitches


Did you know that Golden Snitches were invented by the wizarding quidditch community to replace live Golden Snidgeon birds? Yep. I learned that little tidbit whilst putting together the Harry Potter Encyclopedias.


These were actually a whole lot easier than I was expecting them to be. Took me like 5 minutes, most of which was spent waiting for spray paint to (mostly) dry. Hopefully, you’ll have mini golden ornaments already and won’t have to spray paint.

I started with glittery, white, plastic mini ornaments, which I sprayed with leftover gold metallic paint. Despite the paint, they still glitter like champs. Then, I took some gold (wire-edged) ribbon, cut out little wings from one side of the ribbon (so the wire is only on top of the wings) and sliced fringe into the ribbon part below the wire. Then, I removed the ornament cap, dabbed a dollop of hot glue to the top, placed my wings, and replaced the cap before the hot glued dried.

Though the wings are just wire ribbon and probably fragile, they’ve withstood my two kids playing quidditch in the backyard! The wire can be re-aligned whenever needed.

Another freebie! … If you happen to have mini plastic ornaments, gold ribbon, and possibly gold spray paint.

And hey, thread the ornament hook back through the top and you’ve got a super cute Harry Potter christmas ornament. Win/win.

Have at it, kids. Have at it.


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