DementAway & Chocolate Frogs


Chocolate is key in this kit if you’ve got a sweet-tooth daughter like mine. Key.

I started with the dementor chocolate. (We’re reading book 3. I had to.) A simple printable and a Hershey bar. I can do that, I thought. Because, being me, I had to make it myself instead of using one of the perfectly fine other free ones available on Pinterest. Go figure.

Untitled design (2).png

So here you go, a DementAway Chocolate printableDementAway.png.

The chocolate frogs almost never happened. Definitely not in my plans. But I was dipping caramel apples and pretzel rods for neighborhood Christmas gifts. (Why do I do this to myself??) When we were out of apples and pretzels but still loaded with melted premium Belgian chocolate, my husband and I went a little crazy with dipping other things. Saltines. Cinnamon graham cookies. Bacon. (FYI: Bacon was good. Turkey bacon was horrid.)

We had nothing left to dip. Not a thing. I wasn’t about to try dipped carrots. Ah-ha! Lightbulb moment: chocolate frogs! So I called up a good friend of mine (serious Harry Potter aficionado) thinking she just might have a frog candy mold from one of her epic Harry Potter parties. She did, of course.

I raced over and grabbed the mold from her before my melted chocolate cooled too much. A few sprinkled rice crispies later, and Voila! Chocolate frogs. Super delish. Because, again, premium Belgian chocolate. (Thanks, mom.)

That friend of mine? The one with the chocolate frog mold? She came by a few days later with the chocolate frog boxes all printed out (similar printable here), folded and formed. Inner wizard cards included. Yeah, she’s pretty awesome.

Check out the whole kit here!

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