Bertie Botts Beans


These are pretty simple, guys. You buy the cheaper version of the beans (Bean-Boozled beans), print out my folding tag, and then fill a treat bag with beans and staple on the label.


I ordered the three pack of Bean Boozled, then made two bags out of them (so each kid got the beans from one and a half boxes.) I also cut out the flavor guide on the back of the box and put that in the bag as well.


BUT…. I already had treat bags. So for me, this was cheaper than buying the real “Bertie Botts” licensed jelly beans. For you, you might want to save yourself the time and buy the real-ish deal. If you’re like me, go ahead and download this printable and print as many as will fit on the page.

**sidenote: pre-Christmas prices on Bertie Botts beans were definitely a lot higher than post-Christmas prices. It might be cheaper to buy the real deal. Shop around.

Or you could go even more inexpensive (and a whole lot more delicious) and buy regular jelly beans! Throw ’em in a snack size ziplock and put the printable label on the inside. Bam. Your kids might thank you. No, you yourself might just thank you. My 5-year-old just spit out a smelly-sock flavored jelly bean into my hand. I’ll be right back….

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