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I’m Tara, an author, composer, wife, mother, and the world’s best procrastinator. Creative distractions are my specialty, so when writer’s block has me paralyzed, cue the unnecessary to-do list!

Need a new take on a boring character? Re-finish your kids’ bookcase and be awesomely inspired by their picture books.  Plot tangent has you stumped? Go out with the girls’ for an unabashed, gossip-filled karaoke night (guaranteed plot-fixing inspiration). Ticked off by a sucky paragraph that you just can’t seem to fix? Take the time to compose a new James Bond movie score riff, realize it got you absolutely no where (but hey, that was a killer riff! *wink*), and then with your fantastically confident new set of eyes read a chapter in your go-to self-editing manual.

I’ve improvised, composed, Pinterested, and DIY’d my way through couch covers, toddler playtime, wall art, halloween costumes, quickie-dinners-from-the-bowels-of-the-pantry, bedtime stories, hymn arrangements, gardening, decor, etsy sales, ikea hacks, movie score re-instrumentations, and party planning all in an epic pursuit of shaking off those inevitable streaks of writer’s block and finding inspiration.

And if you’re itching for the standard “about page” stuff: I’ve got three awesome kids, one amazing and patient husband, a bachelor’s degree in music from BYU-Hawai’i, and a master’s degree in public administration from Grand Canyon University. I “mother,” I “wife,” I teach piano lessons, I write novels, I blog, and I help out with local non-profits in the public political world around me. And yes, I am a Mormon.

For more info about my books and where to find them, check out my website:

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