UPDATE! DIY Concrete Countertops over 3 years later


Concrete countertops_

Well howdy, friends. I’m taking a break from novel writing today to bring you the latest and greatest on those faux countertops. Fans of my young adult novel series, don’t mutiny! I promise book three is coming along ASAP! (Side note: if you haven’t read my Candeon Heirs series, the first book is free on Kindle this week!)

Who’s ready to see what those faux concrete counters look like 3.5 years after install? (2.5 years after the last countertop post). Ooh, and take note of my beautiful new floors! (Ignore the missing trim around the base of the cabinets and above the upper cabinets. That’s the next project.)


I still have ’em. And from a distance, they really don’t look too bad. I don’t quite get embarrassed when people come over and see them, as long as they don’t look too close.

I’ve got grease stains that have settled into those chips that used to dry when wet. And a very thin part of the concrete has worn down to expose the old laminates.



I’ve got these lovely saw marks from a late night wood moulding project that should have never happened. Still don’t know how I managed to do that without noticing.


I’ve got acrylic paint drips from my three little minions.


There are indeed scratches. You’ll see ’em on most of these photos. (I previously stated that scratches weren’t really an issue. Then I think I got cocky and reckless, because boy oh boy I’ve got scratches now!)


The edges around my sink are starting to … turn.



And finally, the grease splatters that I rarely wipe up on the backside of the stove are semi-permanent. Meaning: my lame attempts at “wiping them up” didn’t work. So instead of elbow grease, we’ll just go with a “semi” disclaimer.


The seam where the old laminates came together? The concrete has now cracked a bit over the top and I’m pretty sure that’s butter, oil, or coconut oil that has seeped into the crack. (This is my baking prep area.) To the right of that seam are a TON of chips.


Moral of the story: take care of them, and they’ll last you a good 2 years. But 3 years? You’ll be pushing it. 4 years? You and I should be lazy friends. I’ve gotten really good at platter placement for family or social gatherings to hide the worst offenders. 🙂

Quickie Q&A:
1. If I could go back in time, would I still have done these counters three years ago? BIG FAT YES.
2. Would do install them a bit differently? YES. I’d make sure I didn’t have any super super thin spots. I’d do more coats. And I’d smooth/sand the edges around my sink better.
4. When are you going to re-do the counters? When the universe and our schedules align.
3. Will I grind them down and do faux concrete again? That depends on the state of my bank account during the aforementioned universe alignment. I’d rather have quartz. Or even a high quality, beautiful laminate. But you can’t beat this price (well under $100).

Did I miss anything? Hit me with your questions in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out my 5-star rated young adult novels Hiding Haelo (book one) and Haelo Hunted (book two) on Amazon!