DIY Book covers


Haelo cover 2

Some authors, as they write, can picture exactly what their characters look like.  I am not that author.  Though I can picture easily my periphery characters down to minute detail, I have a really hard time picturing the faces of my main characters.  [Both in my defense and to my embarrassment: just ask my husband and close friends–I don’t recall faces very well.]

Some authors can picture their settings like their childhood home.  I am definitely that author.

Some authors know exactly what type of book cover they want on their novel – pending, of course, they get that one in a million chance of getting published.  I am not that author.  At all.

A close friend asked me the other day what kind of cover I’d do if I had the chance to choose.  I drew a huge blank.  Challenge accepted!

When I should have been packing for my sister’s out-of-state wedding, or wrapping Christmas presents, or cleaning my house, or doing at least one of the seven loads of laundry that had been sorted and ready to go for four days previously, I spent nap time creating book covers.  Loads of ’em.  (This should tip you off to the quality of said covers.)

Without further ado…

haelo cover 1  Haelo cover 4Haelo cover 2Haelo cover 5

Any of these tickle your yeah-I’d-read-that fancy?  And no, there are *technically* no mermaids in this book.

2 thoughts on “DIY Book covers

  1. Tricia

    First impressions about the cover ideas –
    The Hand – it has such a strong contrast of light (water) and dark (hand) that it feels a little suspenseful and possible a little sinister.
    Floating girl- I just like the beauty and peacefulness of her.
    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Miya

    What!? I didnt know you were writing a book! Thats awesome! There is so much about you that I dont know yet! I like the cover of the light shining through the water.


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