In the beginning…


…there was a girl with  a  (no) plan.  She had a novel, a fraction of its sequel, and a whole lot of discarded queries.*  She also had a volume’s worth of inspirational projects (and distractions) that had carried her through the ups and downs of the writing process.  Why not type up those absurd journal entries?  Why not blog about those house projects and sewing mistakes that saved you from the abyss of writer’s block, she asked herself.

And so she did.


*For those of you not familiar with the publishing world: Queries are the means by which an author finds an agent.  It is a professional “letter” to a researched agent all in hopes of seducing that agent into reading your book.  Trust me when I say that a 95,000 word novel is so much easier to write than a 150 word query.

*For those of you familiar with the publishing world, can I get an amen?